Survive The Night: Danielle Vega Book Review


I’d been eyeballing this book online for about a week before I finally went to Barnes and Noble and bought it. I’d read plenty of mixed reviews, a lot I noticed were people saying they were just about to give up on this book in the first few chapters, but were glad the stuck with it. What caused me to decide I had to read it was a short book trailer posted on Facebook by Penguin Teen.

I guess we could start with the fact that I finished the book in under 48 hours, and I could have probably finished in a shorter amount of time if it wasn’t for this dreaded thing they called adult life. I work retail, and even took this book to work with me in hopes that I could somehow just manage to squeeze in at least a few words between customers and duties. I truthfully could not put this book down. It was always by my side every minute of the day. At work and home, while I was in the kitchen, doing laundry, in the bathroom; it didn’t matter.

I don’t really understand how some people struggled with the first few chapters, because in my opinion from the moment I started reading the first page this book just sucked me right in. From the very start you can get an excellent feel of the main character, Casey, and can instantly find some way to relate to her. We meet Casey fresh out of rehab, after battling her addiction to drugs. You soon see the split in Casey’s personality based on her two friend groups. We meet I guess what you could call the good friends, and very soon after you meet Shana, Aya, and Julie. These three you could call the wild friends, and they go on to play important characters in the story. We accompany them to a teen club, where we meet Casey’s ex boyfriend Sam, who is lightly mentioned before we meet him.

Fast forward a bit and we are at a rave, Survive the Night, held once a year in subway tunnels that are no longer in use. Loud techno music, strobe lights and candles, and a guard at the entrance allowing everyone in, and no one out. This is where the story really starts to unfold once we are past getting to know the characters and their stories. Now lets be real, the horror aspect of this story doesn’t really start until around page 100, so if that’s what you are really after, please stick with it until you get there! After we lose the first character, escaping the dark and flooded tunnels becomes the main focus, while running from someone or something picking people off one by one.

A teen rebellion mixed with some pretty gruesome horror. Vega’s detailing was just right! Not too much, not too little. She managed to help you picture the scenes as if you were there yourself, without going into so much detail you lose sight of what is going on.

I have two issues however with this book. One being with when we figure out who or what is the killer. It kind of just leaves you thinking “wtf? what?”. I feel like there should have been some type of explanation at the end of the book at least. Give us something Danielle! Two; the ending itself. Maybe an explanation of who or what would have done the trick for me when it comes to the ending, because I feel like the book just abruptly stops. Almost like you are in the middle of watching TV and your power goes off. I went back and made sure I didn’t have any pages sticking together, to make sure I didn’t miss anything it ended so suddenly.

Overall, despite my two issues, I would without a doubt recommend Survive the Night by Danielle Vega to any young reader. I would give the book 4 stars.

*This book does contain explicit language, drugs and alcohol, slight sexual behavior, and gore. If you are sensitive to any of these things I would not read this book.*


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