7 Things I Would Do in High School Differently.

If I could go back to high school, there are quite a few thing I would do differently. Lets face it, high school kind of shapes who we are going to be in the world and our chances of surviving the real world once we graduate. Here are my top seven things I wish I could go back and change myself, because I’m pretty sure my life now after graduating would be so much easier if I had done some things differently.


1.Get A Job! If I could I would 100% go back in time to high school and get a job. Not only having the extra money to go out with friends, but you have a leg up compared to the kids coming out of high school who haven’t had a job. You already have some work experience.

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2.Save Money! This sort of ties in with number one, but even without a job in high school we all come across money every now and then. If I would have saved as much money as I could have, things would not have been as rough when I graduated high school and needed money for things like lams and a microwave.

photo-involved3.Get Involved! I know, I know. That’s something everyone always preaches to anyone in school, but it is true. Getting involved not only gives you the chance to meet new people, but joining clubs and organizations, or just volunteering, you can learn so much new information and how to do things. You never know, 20 years later if you are in the middle of the zombie apocalypse, you may need that rope tying skill you picked up in that outdoor camping club you took in the 9th grade.


4.Try Your Hardest! If I would have busted my ass every second I could, I probably would have got a lot more financial aid and would have been able to go to college; which having a job in high school and saving money would have helped with tremendously. However, your grades are most important. Always try your hardest, give it your all. Even if you don’t get an A+, you’ll know you did the best you could. Your teachers will know too, and that goes really far.


5.Don’t Waste Time On People. Yes, make friends and put effort into others; But know when to remove people from your life. Anyone who makes you feel bad or upset is never worth it. Just think about all of the people that are out there that are better for you that you are being held back from by wasting your time with others who aren’t good for you. If someone isn’t being a true friend then why waste time keeping them around just hoping they’ll change, (9 out of 10 times they won’t, trust me.), when you could have someone better.


6.Don’t Worry About Love. Sure, having a companion is awesome. However, if you are in high school, generally you are between 14 and 18 years old; You have the rest of your life. Don’t waste your younger years chasing after love, chase after life. I am a firm believer if it’s meant to happen it will, so just let it go and give it time. Focus on loving yourself, chasing romance can wait.


7.Be A Kid! I’m not saying be a trouble making brat and get yourself into some deep shit, but lets face it, once you graduate high school, a lot of stuff is just over. You are forced to grow up all the sudden. So don’t forget to live your life and make memories. Yes, focus on preparing and being ready for the real world and adulthood, but please don’t throw away your teenage years either. You don’t want to be that grumpy and hateful old grandma or grandpa with no cool stories to tell.


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