DIY Button Tree: How To…


Here lately I have been really getting into crafting and DIY, and one day while scrolling through my Pinterest feed, there it was. I stumbled across a button tree, somehow I had never even heard of this before. So I began searching and sifting through Pinterest getting ideas, checking out other people’s button trees, thus deciding I really wanted to do my own. So I figured I would share the process with you guys. It is actually super easy and fun, and regardless of age or artistic ability, anyone can do it!

So supplies you will need, that I used anyway, your supplies will vary based on how you decide to go about your tree trunk, backgrounds if you choose to add one, etc. Keep in mind this project is totally customize-able, make it your own!

11880790_960021387403965_692064670_nMy supplies included:
~ 1 Canvas, any size of your choice.
~ 1 Tree Trunk Stencil, I got mine from Google, but if you are artistically inclined or feeling frisky go for it and free hand.
~ 1 Pencil with Eraser.
~ Paint, I used Brown Acrylic but use whatever color and style you like.
~ 1 Small Paint Brush, I actually used one of my cheap eye makeup brushes.
~ Buttons, use any colors, styles, sizes, or shapes you want.
~ Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks11934079_960021400737297_1923696972_n

So first I selected my stencil for the trunk and printed it out, of course I did have to trace the picture bigger do to my canvas size, so my eraser came in handy. I used scotch tape, and taped the photo to the BACK of the canvas, and then placed it in my window seal so the bright light made the outline show up nicely on the front for tracing. Then VERY LIGHTLY, I traced the trunk shape, and like I said I had to make it bigger due to canvas size, I had to throw in some extra branches and widen the trunk.


After I had the shape of the trunk and branches on my canvas, I grabbed a paper plate, squirted some paint onto it, and went to work. Being sure to cover any pencil lines visible from the trace, I went over the tree with light coats 3 times. I did add small hints of different colors to make small highlights and shadows, however I made it extremely light and well blended. The other colors I incorporated were Brick Red, Black, White, and Bright Red. I also mixed the brown with black to create a darker brown to add to some areas. The paint dried very quickly, however I did let the canvas sit over night just to be safe.


Now comes the fun part, where everyone of any age can get in on the action. Simple and easy, I just took the buttons and poured them out onto my table to swift through and pick out my favorite ones that I knew I wanted to use.


I then laid the button out in the order and places I wanted them, and honestly for me this part took the longest. I also decided to make a grass/dirt effect at the base of the tree as well.


With my low-temp glue gun, I went to work gluing the buttons to the canvas, and as I went along I made more adjustments to my button placement. As you can see this is a mini glue gun, so I used approximately 3 and a half mini glue sticks, however this will vary depending on the size of your tree and how many buttons you use.


TA-DA! There you have it, cute and simple. I love how easy this was, and how personalized you can make it. When I was searching on Pinterest and other social media looking at other people’s button trees, I saw some that had used buttons for their trunk as well. I’ll leave links to some of my favorites I came across down below! If you decide to make your own button tree share it with me on any social media platform I have! I would love to see them!! Even if this is something you have done way before now!

Links to some of my Favorite Button Trees:

Just search the hashtag Button Trees and find tons of awesome ones!


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