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The To Do List.

to_do_list_crop380wSo I have recently discovered I am more apt to get things done if I just sit down and make a list. To me there is nothing more satisfying than at the end of the day to pick up this piece of paper and see all the things I have accomplished, not to mention it is just satisfying to scratch out or put a check mark beside something knowing it is completely done to your own liking. Today I thought I would share what my average to do list consists of. Now this will vary day to day, but I figured I could at least share the things that remain consistent as well as just give a general idea.

My list usually consist of two parts: Before Work, After Work. My before work section of to dos is usually only 3 or 4 things, mostly because I refuse to get up earlier than I have to. My After work list on the other hand, can get pretty scary huge. Lets Dive in.

Before Work:
> Feed Boys (Boys are my ferrets. I have 3.)
> Betta’s Light (Betta is, well, my Betta. If I don’t make a note to turn his hood light back on, it doesn’t get done.)
> Check Joy’s Food & Water (Joy is my dog, she’s a fluffy little Pom.)
Occasionally there will be a few more things, like maybe start the dishwasher, dryer, washing machine. etc. That way when I get home it will already be through the cycle.

After Work:
Do Laundry (This includes washing, drying, folding, and putting away. Honestly I have to make a separate bullet for each part of the task to make sure a some loads do not go unfolded, or forgotten in the washer.)
> Unload Dishwasher
> Joy’s Food & Water
> Scoop Boys’ Litter Box
> Pizza For Dinner ( Or whatever we are actually having, 9 times out of 10 it is truthfully pizza though.)
> Wipe Down Stove & Counters
> Pick up & Put up ( The struggle is real. It seems like it does not matter how many times I pick things up and put them where they belong, they are right back out in the middle of the floor or laying somewhere they shouldn’t be.)
> Sweep Floors
> Vacuum
> Check Boys’ Food & Water
> Feed Betta

I tried to stick with the basics, things I knew I did or plan on doing just about every single day or every other day. I can recall a list that once had 34 things to do on it after I got home from work! Let me see you’re to do lists or things you find yourself doing almost every day!


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